Virtual Surgery.  Real Results.


Osso VR is the leading, validated virtual reality surgical training platform designed for surgeons, sales teams, and hospital staff of all skill levels. Our product offers highly realistic hand-based interactions in an immersive training environments that contain the latest, cutting edge procedures and technology.

Our award-winning training solutions are results-driven, allowing teams and individuals to not only train on the latest in medical device technology, but objectively measure their performance through our proprietary analytics platform and dashboards.

The Osso VR team is currently focused on solving training gaps for orthopedic and spine therapies, but is also expanding into other specialties and procedures.

We can't wait to share the future of surgical training with you.

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Use Your Hands

Osso VR brings your hands with you into the virtual OR. Pick up and use tools naturally with a high level of precision.

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Completely Immersive

Osso VR can be used with a wide variety of consumer-grade VR headsets for a fully immersive training environment.

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Simulate Any Procedure

Designed by surgeons, Osso VR provides an unparalleled level of accuracy and realism to any surgical procedure.


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