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The Osso Story

Train Safe. Treat Safe.

The best innovations arise from a clear problem that needs solving. Our system of surgical training has not changed in over a century. Currently, there are critical issues in the way surgeons are trained, both in residency and beyond. Research shows that 30 percent of surgical graduates are unable to operate independently. Furthermore, surgeons out in practice have less time to perform the nearly 100 cases required to safely use today’s complex techniques and devices. Finally, with the aging population, we are expected to have a shortage of surgeons within the next few decades numbering in the tens of thousands. This leaves medicine with a challenging skills gap.
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Co-founder and CEO of Osso VR, Justin Barad, MD- a board-eligible orthopedic surgeon with a Bioengineering degree from UC Berkeley, and an MD from UCLA – originally wanted to be a game developer and has been a lifelong coder and even has a game credit with Activision. When a personal family health incident introduced him to the world of healthcare, he decided to find a way to combine his passions and use his technology background to solve medical problems. During his residency, he identified what could be one of the most pressing medical challenges of this century: how we are training our surgeons. With a strong interest in gaming and a first-hand understanding of the challenges facing residents and experienced doctors, he co-founded Osso VR with a mission to improve patient safety and democratize access to modern surgical techniques.

Osso VR uses virtual reality to provide the platform, content and tools to bridge the surgical training gap. The mission is to improve patient outcomes, increase the adoption of higher-value medical technologies and democratize access to surgical education around the globe. Today, Osso VR is working with many of the world’s top orthopedic hospitals and device companies.

Osso VR is not just for surgeons. Sales reps and OR staff can benefit from its technology with its team training scenarios.

To build the leading VR surgical training platform, Osso VR assembled a team of clinical, medical device and technology experts from leading institutions, such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Medtronic, Microsoft, Zynga and Electronic Arts.

Quick Facts

  • The company is currently working with several of the top medical device companies in the world, and has numerous engagements with leading orthopedic residency programs.
  • Osso VR offers a complete service platform to customers that includes custom content creation, a managed hardware leasing and support program, and advanced performance analytics.
  • Analytics and user specific dashboards allows objective assessment and review of technical skill data to give proficiency insight and maximize patient outcomes.
  • Osso VR’s content was validated in a pilot study which showed that Osso VR trained users performed surgery nearly twice as well as those trained via traditional means.

Our Mission

Improve patient outcomes, increase the adoption of higher-value medical technologies, and democratize global access to the latest surgical techniques.


To have an impact on patient outcomes, you need training solutions that measure, compare, and improve key performance indicators.

(We do this.)


To increase utilization of higher-value medical technology, you need solutions that deliver validated clinical training and product awareness at scale.

(Yep, we do that, too.)


To open up access to the latest techniques and innovations, you need solutions that remotely connect surgeons, sales teams and hospital staff in VP-and in the OR.

(We do all the things.)

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