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Jason Holt

Senior Modeler

Jason is a Senior Modeler driven by his passion for anatomy and the creation of believable and meaningful art. From a young age, Jason has been awed by the characters created with visual and special effects and with the technology of video games. Films such as Alien and Jurassic Park, along with his supportive family and special effects artist Uncle, Bryant Holt, inspired Jason to pursue a career in bringing characters and creatures to life. He went on to earn both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Savannah College of Art and Design in 3d Animation and Sequential Art respectively, focusing his study on 3d Modeling, Sculpting, and Human/Animal Anatomy.
Since then, Jason has contributed to beloved worlds of entertainment including the Halo video game series and HBO’s Westworld: A Delos Destination VR experience, which received an Emmy for “Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media” in 2017. He also has had the opportunity to contribute further in the VR and AR space at Facebook Reality Labs and Amazon, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved within interactive media.
Jason continues to push his passion for digital and traditional realism to the next level, studying Forensic Facial Reconstruction in his spare time with the goal of becoming certified in the field. His love for anatomy and realism is ever-constant, and is a driving force in all that he creates.


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