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Emily Cheng

Associate Medical Illustrator

Emily Cheng was born in Diamond Bar, California. While she was predisposed to the arts and crafts, she has always had an affinity towards the conceptual complexity of biological mechanisms, along with a curiosity about how the mind worked. This led her down a path of receiving her Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience at University of California, Los Angeles. She spent this time getting involved in the medical community through clinical research, public service, and inevitable design work.

Emily spent many of her extracurricular hours developing informational pieces for her research organizations and community clubs. As the president of Team HBV, a nonprofit that raises awareness of the importance to get vaccinated for hepatitis B, she developed diagrams, brochures, and even short comics to reconfigure complex scientific material into a digestible narrative for patients. The same task carried over into her clinical benchwork at the UCLA department of pediatric neurology, where, aside from conducting statistical analyses and publishing papers, she designed banners, posters, and patient

education material for the department clinic and pediatric neurology charity events. It was in this time she learned of the field of medical illustration and felt that it was a calling for her.

Emily then developed her atelier experience at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art. Soon after, she received her Master of Arts in Medical and Biological Illustration at Johns Hopkins University, where she earned multiple awards and scholarships. Emily hopes to take her skills and experience to contribute to the VR and 3D industry and bolster the potential it has in fostering patient education and garnering public interest.


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