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Chris Garcia

Software Engineer

Chris is a professional game developer and programmer with over 7 years industry experience, and over 17 years making games as a hobby. He has primarily worked in startups (including his own), and some smaller studios as a freelancer, often taking on many different roles. With a background in game development, a degree in Computer Science & Game Design from UC Santa Cruz, and an artist’s mindset Chris takes both a designer and programmer centric approach to software engineering. Chris believes VR is truly one of the most immersive technologies of our day and age, especially having worked first-hand on past VR projects.  He is also a professional juggler who has flown across the world to do shows, taught thousands how to juggle, and has won various awards ranking him as one of the top jugglers in the United States. His overall philosophy in life is “Reaching big goals is possible with consistency and a positive attitude, accomplished by picking up your drops and trying until you are successful”.


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