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Audrey Valentine

Associate Medical Illustrator

Audrey grew up in the Midwest and has always had an admiration for both art and science. This
enthusiasm for art and science led her to achieve a B.A. in Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration from
Iowa State University. After which, she continued her education at the University of Illinois at Chicago
where she earned a M.S. in Biomedical Visualization. While obtaining her M.S., she worked in
coordination with the Graham Clinical Performance Center to create 3D rendered videos for physical
therapists. From the moment that she was first introduced to 3D rendering software through her studies,
she was hooked. Ever since graduation, she has been working in various 3D programs to bring scientific
stories to life. In her spare time, Audrey enjoys taking nature walks and spending time with her husband
and three rambunctious dogs.


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