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  • OVR(tm) instructions
    • Brief, value points on left on top of light screened overlay, full width mixed reality image (female surgeon).
    • Secret sauce language around process (Leif note: complete dev and project process slides for early dev review conversations)
    • CTA – Learn how we validate training
      • Autofill form to set up call.
  • OVR(tm) Learning Analytics
    • Brief, value points, cutout images of hardware with analytics on screen similar to presentation but with new analytics page design.
  • Osso Training Network
    • features/benefits – see one-sheeter we created, logos of institutions
  • OVR(tm) Support
    • Brief, value points, re-hardware/software
    • Iconography representing triple support. Event, Onsite, Remote
    • OVR(tm) Curated Hardware Program
      • Brief, value points, clean white background cutout image of case and hardware
      • CTA – Learn about our industry busting support response time
        • Autofill form to set up call.

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