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Osso VR Support FAQ

Osso VR Support FAQ

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From setup to usability, we spend a lot of time ensuring the best possible training experience for our partners. We also want to be prepared for questions that come up, and have compiled the most frequently asked questions here for your convenience.

For any question or inquiry that arises not addressed here, please contact us immediately by emailing ​​.

Initial setup support and our FAQ can be found at ​​.


How long can the Osso VR unit safely run without giving it a break?

The laptops we send out with our VR equipment have been specifically selected for their performance and durability. To ensure that the equipment you are using meets our standards for performance and extended use, we use the same set up in our development and testing process. We have even run tests that leave the laptop running in VR for an entire day to address the concern of hardware durability and have ensure that the same set up can even be used all day at multi-day conventions for showcasing.

While a simulation is running, it is normal to hear the machine’s fans working at maximum speed, and for the unit to feel warm, but it is nothing to cause alarm. VR requires a lot of computing power which can generate a lot of heat, but the hardware is up to the task. It is very important that the laptop always be placed on a hard, flat surface to allow the fans on the underside to pull the air in they need without obstruction and that the laptop be plugged into a power source. Under these conditions, the laptop can go all day.

My password is not working, how do I log in?

If a password is entered incorrectly 3 times in a row, you may become locked out of your account to protect your account from potential misuse. If you find that your password is not working, click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page of the Osso VR app and enter the email used as your login name. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. The email will typically appear within seconds, but please allow up to 5 minutes for the email to appear in your inbox. If you have any trouble with receiving the password reset, please contact ​​.

I have received my Osso VR unit, but I don’t have a login. How do I get access?

Launch the Osso VR app from the desktop icon and when the login screen appears, click the link to “Sign up”. You will need to provide a valid email address as your login name. Then you can set your password. You will be asked to provide your name, and answer a question about your experience level with Orthopedics. Once you confirm your details, your new account is ready to use immediately. Be sure to check your email for the account confirmation link. You’ll want to click the link in that email to confirm your account set up.

The laptop doesn’t seem to be charging or the power won’t turn on!

1. Check all the connections of the AC Power Adapter. While the adapter may appear to be plugged in at the wall and on the upper left hand side of the laptop, there is also a connection between the wall cord and the AC power block itself. A green light should appear on the AC power block indicating that it’s receiving power from the wall and functioning normally.

2. After checking the power connection to the computer. Hold the power button down for several seconds to see if the screen comes on. The power button on the Razer laptop is circular button above the F7 key on the keyboard. It is pretty easy to miss as it seems to only give off a reflection from an angle.

When holding the power button down from an off state:

  • the keyboard keys should begin to glow
  • followed by the screen turning on and the computer booting up normally.

If these steps do not resolve the problem, please contact ​​.

I’m trying to use the HDMI cord and adaptor to cast the VR session onto a TV but nothing is happening after I plug it in.

Some TV units have difficulty identifying the laptop correctly when connected through the adapter. If you are getting this unexpected result, try the following.

  1. Disconnect the Oculus headset from the laptop.
  2. Disconnect the USB-C adapter from the laptop and the HDMI cable.
  3. Plug the HDMI cable directly into the HDMI port on the laptop and the TV port you want to use.
  4. The TV should recognize the signal of the laptop.
  5. Remove the HDMI cable from the laptop, insert it into the USB-C adapter again and plug the adapter into the USB-C port once again. A signal should appear on the TV or monitor now.
  6. You should be able to use cast to the TV now after you plug the Oculus headset back into the laptop.

I was notified that new content has become available in the Osso VR app, but I don’t see it appearing.

New content will only become available when the machine is online. If you aren’t seeing the content you expect, close the Osso VR app and check to ensure you have an internet connection. After ensuring you have a connection, launch the Osso VR app and log in. Return to the list of available procedures and you will see any new content available being downloading. It will be ready to use once the download is complete.

My headset doesn’t display the procedure when I launch it or it appears to be out of sync.

Close the procedure, and the Osso VR app. Go to the Oculus app and click on the side tab that reads “Devices”. You should see a green check mark on the headset indicating that it is connected. If you don’t, unplug both the HDMI and USB connectors of the headset from the computer and plug them in again. If this does not help. Remove the facemask from the Oculus headset and unplug the cord from the headset itself and plug it back in ensuring it is seated snuggly. If there is still a problem with the headset, you may try restarting the computer. If none of these options solve your problem, contact ​​ and we will troubleshoot the issue to ensure that the Oculus software isn’t malfunctioning.

Everything in VR seems shorter than it should be, like the height is wrong. How do I fix this?

This due to moving from a table or surface that has one height, and moving to it to another surface with another lower height. To fix, take the following steps in the Oculus application on the Osso provided laptop’s desktop.

  1. Select the “Devices” option on the right hand side of the window.
  2. Select “Configure Rift” drop-down menu in the upper right hand side of the window.
  3. At the bottom of the “Configure Rift” dropdown menu, you will see “Floor Position” – Select this option and follow the prompts on the screen.

I see a blue net or blue lines that appear around me when I move in VR. How do I make them go away?

This is the Oculus Guardian system. To turn off the guardian system take the following steps with the Oculus headset on your head:

  1. With the headset on, press the Oculus Home button. This is located just below and to the right of the A Button on the Right Hand controller.
  2. A menu will appear in a white room with icons in two columns. Point your controller like a remote at the “Guardian System Settings” icon. This is the second to lowest icon on the left hand column. Press the trigger button under your index finger while pointing at it to select it.
  3. The Guardian System settings menu will appear. Point the controller at the toggle switch next to “Boundaries” and press the trigger button again.
  4. A pop up will open asking you to confirm that you want to turn off the guardian system, select “Acknowledge and turn off guardian system”
  5. The Guardian system blue lines will now be off.
  6. To leave the menu room, press the Oculus home button again.

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